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Gobi and Khangai Tour

​20 Day Round Trip

This trip will take you from the Gobi Desert to the Khangai Mountains to explore desert landscapes and forested wilderness, meeting local nomadic people and experiencing this culture. Along the way you will be able to visit numerous ancient historical and cultural sites of Mongolia as well as its breathtaking natural heritage. The trip includes your arrival and departure days. Approximate travel distance is between 150-250 km for a day by micro bus.

​Tours are scheduled between: June - August 


Day 1 - Arrive in Ulaanbaatar - Transfer to hotel
Pick up at airport and transfer to hotel in Ulaanbaatar. If you’re flight is early in the day, there will be ample time to visit the city sights. Our local guide will help with currency exchange service, a walk to Sukhbaatar square, Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum, a visit to the Central Post Office, and the National Museum of History and or the Natural History Museum with its displays of fauna and fauna and intact dinosaur eggs.
After Lunch Choijin Lkhama Museum and Gandan Temple will be visited one of the historical museums in town. Prepare the next day trip. Dinner in the evening

Day 2 – Ulaanbaatar – Baga Gazriin Chuluu
Leave Ulaanbaatar driving through Zorgol Khairkhan mountains, Bayan-unjuul, Tuv Province and to Khariin Nuur Lake where migrating birds inhabit the Baga Gazriin Chuluu. Baga Gazriin Chuluu is a National monument and is a granite mountain of 15 kms in length and 10 kms in width. It has been used by nomadic civilizations for millennium where we will see rock petroglyphs and ancient burial grounds. Overnight camp (tent) here.

Day 3 - Baga Gazriin Chuluu- Tsagaan Suvarga
We will drive through Mandalgovi city Dundgovi Province( Middle Gobi). We will stop at the Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) which is beautiful place located in Ulziit of Dund-govi province. This is a white sandstone formation exposed from the ancient sea floor, running 400 m in length and rising to a height of 60m. It creates an impressive picturesque view in the early morning sun. Stay overnight in tent.

Day 4 - Tsagaan Suvarga - Dalanzadgad
This day we will drive to Dalanzadgad, the Province center of Umnu Govi (South Gobi) Province, with short stops, along the way to take in and enjoy the countryside scenery. Stay over night in tourist camp.

Day 5 - Dalanzadgad – Khongoriin Els (Sand dunes)
From Dalanzadgad, we will visit Govi Gurvan Saikhan (Gobi Three Beauties) Mountain National Park, which is part of Altai Mountains and where snow leopard, argali sheep, ibex, wolf and other wildlife inhabit. We will visit the 20 km long gorge called Yol and trek along its length where we will be picked up by vehicle at the other end. The gorge is excellent for birding as there are four species of Rose Finches, as well as Wallcreepers and Lammergeiers. Sometimes Altai Snowcock can be heard. In July, mid- summer we will see ice in the gorge where the sun never reaches..

Yol means Lammergeier in Mongolian. The Lammergeier is a large vulture nesting on the steep crevices of the gorge itself. It is a spectacular area in the center of the Gurvansaikhan Mountains, rising to some 2600 meters above sea level with the cliff walls rising 200 meters vertically.. The Gobi plains have an average height of 900 meters above sea level. The area also harbours herds of Argali Sheep (Ovis Ammon) the largest wild sheep in the world, and Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica) but hard to get to see in the middle of the day. Stay overnight in tent.

Day 6 – Khongoriin Els – Bayan Zag
Hongoriin Els (Singing Sands) is a 180km long, spectacular sand dune. There are two ger camps here. The highest peak of the dune is called “singing dunes” rising to 105 m in elevation.

Bayan Zag ( Rich Saxaul Forest) – This is the area where in 1920 dinosaur eggs were found, and one of the gobi’s most important areas. The Flaming Cliff, and an area with intact saxaul forest.

Bayanzag was made famous by the American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews and his expedition in the 1920s, who for the first time discovered fossilized dinosaur eggs. Well, dinosaur eggs had been found earlier, but no one connected such finds to dinosaurs until the Roy Chapman Andrews expedition discovered these at Bayanzag. The area was labeled “Flaming Cliffs” by Andrews, due to the sunrise and sunset colours in the landscape at the cliffs, which look like fire when seen from a distance in the desert. Here the Oviraptor (egg thief dinosaur) was found as well as Protoceratops (one horned dinosaur). Stay overnight in tent.

Day 7 – Bayan Zag – Ongi Temple
Ongi Temple is one of the historical sites of Mongolia and it is a ruin of one of the big temples that was destroyed during 1937. At the time, the temple was run by 300 buddist lkamas.Stay overnight in tourist camp.

Day 8 – Ongi temple – Kharkhorin 
Khar khorin is a ruin of Mongolia’s capital from 13 century. Later the biggest temple or Erdene Zuu was build its base. Visit Erdene Zuu temple and Khar Khorin. Stay overnight in tourist camp.

Day 9 – Kharkhorin – Taikhar
This site is located in the banks of Tamir river. This is 16 m natural stone monument which has collections of scripts from the 7th and 8th centuries (Turkish writing), 10 centuries (Uigur writing), 13 centuries (inner Mongolian script), 13- 17 centuries (Mongolian and clear script) and more than 150 scripts in Tibetan and Chinese. Stay overnight in tourist camp.

Day 10 – Taikhar Rock – Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan
Travel to Khorgo Mountain which is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 2210 m. The Terkhiin Tsagaan lake is habitat to many species of fish and birds. Tent camp for the night along the lakeside.

Day 11 – Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan – Jargalant ( Ider river)
Stay overnight in tent. ​

Day 12 – Jargalant – Hovsgol Lake
Travel to Hovsgol Lake. Hovsgol lake is 136 km in the length and 36 km in the width and 262 m in the depth. Almost 100 rivers flow to Hovsgol lake. It is habitat to 12 species of fish. The Tsaatsan Raindeer people live around this area and there is the possibility to meet with this unique group. Stay overnight in tourist ger camp.

Day 13 – 14 Hovsgol Lake – Jankhai
We will stay for two days at the Lake Hovsgol. You will be offered to ride horses through the forests and have a fantastic view of the lake from the top and might have an opportunity to meet  Tsaatan reindeer nomadic families, one of the minor ethnic groups of Mongolia whose life depend on herding reindeer. You would also have a chance to hike and offered to explore the area via day hiking for great views of the area or for a refreshing swimming the lake. We’ll stay overnight in the ger camp.

Day 15 – Jankhai (Hovsgol lake) – Rashaant Soum
Travel to the site of the stone statue of the God Dalkh, which is a 1000 years old and carved by early nomadic peoples lived in the area. Today this is a local spiritual site that people visit, believing God Dalkh will make your wishes come true. Stay over night at the Dalkh Ger Camp

Day 16 –Rashaant Soum – Uran Togoo ( valcano)
This day travel will cross the river Khanui, which is a fast flowing mountain river that runs for 421 km. Uran Togoo is one of the beautiful natural sites in the area and is unusual in that it has forest. There is beautiful lake on the top of volcano and you would have an opportunity to climb to top of volcano and have a lake view. Overnight in tent .

Day 17 – Uran Togoo ( valcano) – Amarbayasgalant temple
Travel through Darkhan City and visit Amarbayasgalant temple that was built between 1727- 1736. Stay over night in tent. 

Day 18 – Amarbayasgalant temple – Ulaanbaatar
Visit Amarbayasgalant temple one of the historical sites of Mongolia and then travel to Ulaanbaatar and hotel.

Day 19 – Ulaanbaatar
Take in the city sights, visit gift shops and visit black market, which is the biggest market in the city. 
Day 20 – Ulaanbaatar – transfer to hotel and airport - Departure

We can customize this trip for you. Please contact us
Price per person:$ 3300 - for group of 3-6 people ,
​                              $ 3000 - for group of 7-10 people
English-Mongol speaking guide throughout the journey, all overnights in shared double in hotel, ger or tent. Cook, cooking equipment, tents and all provisions provided for outside of Ulaanbaatar. All local transport. Entrance fees to national monuments and national parks.


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